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Buyer's Inspection

When buying a home, we want to be certain that it is safe and functional. A professional home inspection allows interested buyers to get the facts regarding the safety and functionality of the property. From the peak of the roof to the base of the foundation, certified inspection professionals are trained to locate and report any and all deficiencies able to be seen through the scope of the limited visual inspection, as per their affiliated standards of practice. Also offered are Wood Destroying Insect (Termite) and Radon inspections.


Seller's Inspection

We all know our homes, right? At least, we think we do until we decide to sell them. A certified professional home inspector has the experience necessary to help get your home on the market without leaving deal breaking deficiencies unattended. Don't let your home become less profitable as a result of potential discrepancies.


Maintenance Inspection

As a home ages it becomes more and more susceptible to damage and deterioration from natural aging as well as from varmints and critters of all sorts. Protect your real estate investment from costly repairs by having your property inspected periodically by a certified home inspector.